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So I’ve been writing a bit about finding help, either through counseling, mentoring, spiritual direction or coaching. I’ve done all of them.

Problem: money.

I’m not a rich man. I have three kids who’ve been going to university, etcetera, and requiring our help. I am self-employed and struggle with this. Lisa was a full time university nursing student for the last five years. We do not have money lying around for what some would consider luxuries.

I don’t consider getting help a luxury, but a necessity. If my car breaks down, I must get it repaired. I simply find a way to come up with the money. I don’t have a choice. I don’t even think about the option of not getting it repaired or keeping it maintained. Without a car we’d be stranded. The car gets fixed!

Same with my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. I have the same attitude. If I need repair or maintenance, which is always, then I don’t have a choice. I don’t even think twice about it. I get fixed! Otherwise I’ll just be stranded.

I came up with the money when I didn’t have it and couldn’t afford it because it was a necessity. I know there are extenuating circumstances. But there are ways of working out deals, bartering, finding less expensive help, or getting it for free where it is available.

My advice to you is the same as I give myself: if you need or want help, get it.