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find your own spiritual path drawing by david hayward

I remember the earliest times I dared to express my own spiritual values and hinted that I was going to break out to find my own path. There were expressions of confusion, dismay, concern and even alarm. I remember a family member very close to me completely losing it when I showed interest in mysticism of a particularly Catholic flavor. I also remember another good friend chastising me for showing an interest in Buddhism. Both of these stories are from years ago, but I remember them so clearly. They were defining moments in my life. But I would do it all over again. How about you? What kind of reactions did you get?

Which is exactly why I’ve started this site… so that others in that position can find companionship and share their story, hear others’, and find resources for their journey. I personally want to thank you guys for joining! I know there are many of you testing the waters, taking your time, observing for a bit. That’s okay. Take your time. I look forward to hearing your voice.

Don’t forget to get others to join who would benefit from this site. Thanks from all of us!

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