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the god box drawing cartoon by david hayward

There is no way words can capture the Mystery. That All-in-all cannot be contained in even the best articulated theology. When our minds become aware of this truth, it can be a frightening experience. I was always taught, even right up through seminary, that right belief is essential and can never be rejected or abandoned. And the religious culture I’ve been a part of enforced, mostly in gentle ways, a kind of expectation of theological correctness.

In fact, towards the end of my time as a pastor in the church, the Director of the Canadian Vineyard Church called me to tell me that he was getting mail from people all over the world informing him that he had “a heretic in his vineyard“… namely me! He wanted the right from then on to edit and approve every one of my posts to make sure they aligned with Vineyard values and theology. It was then I knew my time was finally up. I knew, finally, that I wasn’t only going to be released from my denomination, but also from the church, from religion, and even from the constrictions of theology.

Now I have an incredible peace since letting it all go. “The word is not the thing” (Krishnamurti)! Once you realize that, the peace you long for is finally yours.

What I want you to be certain of is that I and this site are not here to impose a certain belief system on you or to remove yours from you. I am not here to put you on a certain path I think is best or correct. What this site is for is to help you find your own unique spirituality so that you can be spiritually independent rather than co-dependent. Everyone separates from their earlier beliefs in different ways. Some make a dramatic and traumatic shift, while others take a long time no less traumatic but softer. It’s whatever your psyche can bear. That’s what I’m here for.