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I saw this image the other day of Orthodox priests praying between the police and protesters in Kiev during the riots. It’s a powerful image that reminds me of an apocalyptic computer game. It moved me deeply.

I’m often asked how I pray. This is intimately related to my view of God, so I treat this question with great caution and respect. Lisa and I talk about this quite a bit. Here’s my answer:

  1. I no longer view God as up there, out there, in here, beyond or remote. For me, the story of the incarnation describes God, revealed in Jesus, then sent as Spirit, as now among us, in us, as us. All is “That-Which-We-Call-God”.
  2. While aware of this overwhelming and overarching reality, I allow all of who I am to emerge… all my sorrows, my failures, my weaknesses, my wants and desires, my longings… everything that I am… all of who and what I am… I allow this to rise within me into my awareness to join with the former awareness of the reality of #1 where these two awarenesses abide together.
  3. Mostly these are silent movements, but if there are words or actions, they aren’t for God but for me… to articulate and express all of who I am, to breathe these into the All that I am one with.
  4. I am usually aware of this when I am outside alone. My hiding place. But it happens anywhere anytime, or everywhere all the time. In this way I pray without ceasing because I am all that I am in the All that always is.


I hope I articulated this clearly enough for you. And I hope it is helpful.

Much love to you all.