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While I was walking my dog this morning in the warm sunlit air along the river I was thinking about how what I call the z-theory is basically trinitarian in structure. I’m trying to articulate this theory because it helps me understand why I can be a Christian and an Atheist at the same time. Let me try to write it out as simply as possible.

As a Christian, I could impute supernatural meaning to it:

  1. There is the Mystery (That which we call “God”).
  2. There is the Revelation of the Mystery (Jesus).
  3. There is the Assimilation of the Revelation of the Mystery into the human collective (Spirit).

As an Atheist, I could completely strip this theory of the supernatural:

  1. The Unknown.
  2. Our Discovery of the Unknown.
  3. The Assimilation of our Discovery of the Unknown into the human collective.

These two are no different to me.

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