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Yesterday someone tweeted about me:

“… and then fucking nakedpastor says sometimes he’s an atheist himself – I say go with that and make it all the time – you’d be better off!”

The pressure to conform to a certain group or label is relentless and sometimes even cruel.

What did she mean by “better off”? That I would no longer have to struggle? That I could finally rest in a specific place and stop searching? That I would no longer have to put up with taunts from all sides to join their group?

I don’t want to be a part of a group that requires a certain way of believing or behaving. I’m better off searching and struggling to find my own way. That’s why I like being all of you on TLS. We don’t require recognizable labels. We’re a collective of independents.

When I get alone, relax and contemplate this, it’s a very peaceful place.