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James Mulholland used to be a pastor (Quaker and Methodist), and he had written (or co-written) several books at that time on Christian universalism that were very helpful to me in my own journey away from my fundamentalist background.

I recently discovered that he has since left Christianity (about 5 years ago) and have begun following his blog at I have found many of his posts to be helpful and insightful about this process.

He lives in my area, so I attended an event that he held today that was part reading from his new book and part telling his story and mostly conversation with the audience. I got a copy of his new book, Leaving Your Religion: A Practical Guide to Becoming Non-Religious, at the event and am looking forward to reading it. From what he said, though, the book is designed to help people through this process of leaving your religion by offering support, helping to acknowledge common challenges along the way, and helping people ask good questions of themselves during the journey.

I haven’t read it yet, but from what I heard today and what I’ve read on his blog, I suspect that there will be some here who will find both the book and his website helpful. I did tell him about The Lasting Supper after the event, so maybe he will join us here!

I just thought I’d pass it along in case there were others who found his words to be a helpful resource.