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sophia conquer drawing by david hayward

Sophia “Conquer” (pencil on paper, 8″x10″)

(You can purchase my Sophia originals and prints HERE)

Today I put words to a thought that I’ve been kicking around.

Your drawing of Sophia and the Shark is what trying to forgive is like.

It is standing there naked, in the water, feet on the floor of the ocean, slippery seaweed rope in hand and knowing that that strong, sleek, sharp toothed predator is what I need to catch. It is freakin scary. Terrifying in fact. It is my worst nightmare. Yet, if I don’t catch it, it will consume me.

In my experience this is what learning to forgive is like.

Forgiveness is catching the shark and not being it’s victim. (of course there is so much more to this and some of it I posted on the forgiveness forum)

But, f**k-yah I’m letting go of resentment and bitterness by catching that bastard of a shark. And I’m gonna catch that shark and eat a shark steak.


(If any of you members would like to contribute a post like this, just let me know!)