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A good friend of mine, who also happens to be a member of this community, said something to me the other day that stuck with me. It’s something I’ve always believed to be true. It’s something I have even taught before. But it was the way it was said that caught me off guard and actually made my day.

FIrst of all, she talked about how you can plant a kernel of corn in the ground. You let it germinate and sprout and grow until it blossoms into a stalk full of ears of corn. At no point can you force it. You just observe it and watch it grow. You provide nourishment and protection, but you can’t make it grow.

Then she said, “It is perfect at every stage.”

Bam! As the island people say on the new film Cloud Atlas, “That’s the true true!”

For every one of you here, I want to say to you, “You are perfect at every stage.”

And that’s the true true!