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Our Potluck hangout yesterday with @rachel and @happy was wonderful. It was great talking to these amazing friends of mine about “Spirituality and Love”. Yes, we talked about their love lives!

After we spoke, I realized that the bravery of these two women were very much the same. They both have a deep and intense courage that will prevent them from getting trapped… for long anyway (because sometimes we just suddenly find ourselves trapped). Happy has the courage to not walk into a trap. Rachel has the courage to walk out of one.

Just take some time to listen to their stories. Rachel is going to provide a better recording of her new song that she just wrote and I’ll post it with the lyrics as soon as we have it.

Happy, who lives in Chile, has authored a couple of novels (in Spanish only for now), and you can check her out on Amazon. She also writes for Luhambo Journal. She DJ’s at a club and also works for a Canadian company.

Rachel writes a blog the great power. She is also a professional musician with a band, Run Luca.

Take some time to watch and hear their stories: