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“The Cloud of Unknowing”: A Christian classic. Unknowing. Yep. That’s me. Could that be you?

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. I was talking with someone who used to go to my church that I pastored. I was talking about really missing teaching, and that I want to somehow incorporate that back into my life again. I even talked about starting some “Lasting Suppers” locally once in a while where I could do a little teaching with discussion.

This suddenly launched this person into talking about how God could do this and that Jesus would be there accomplishing this and that and the Holy Spirit would move this way and that.

I’ve never backpedaled so fast in my life. That’s not what I meant. Like one of our members wrote, “I believe in it, but I don’t believe in it”.

It made me realize that in many ways I don’t fit anymore. Certainly locally, I don’t fit people’s hopes for me. Without even meaning to, I’m always shattering someone’s expectations of me. Even globally online people have no idea where to slot me. I have no idea where to slot myself!

I know many of you are feeling the same way. The trick is learning how to be comfortable with that uncertainty… the uncertainty we have ourselves and the uncertainty others have for us.

The cloud has become my home.