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Last night as I slept, my soul was guided back to the point of this current incarnation. Within the seemingly real-life images igniting my senses, the task was simple in theory: choose one of three paths to walk.

The first path appeared before me as the young mother self was driving a car. Another car slammed into my car causing an explosion killing me. My children would be maternal orphans.

The second path crept in like a fog, slow and steady, but disrupting normal activity. My young mother self was experiencing the beginning symptoms of a mysterious disease bringing loss of muscle and memory. Within a few years, I couldn’t even remember the smiles of my children as they covered the casket of the mother they once knew.

The third path caused trauma of memory and heart. The young mother would cry tears of agony as her children were ripped from her loving embrace. All of this over a war of words, unintentionally wounding instead of healing.  She would experience turmoil, deep depression, and destructive relationships in the aftermath. In the end, it was all worth it. Mother and children were reunited as one, growing together in love.

I chose the third path.

I now understand that the road less traveled is filled with dirt, dust, and potholes. If you take a moment to look hard enough, you will see a rainbow along the journey that makes it all worth it.