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The old paradigm of sinners in need of a sacrifice to save them from eternal torment, the old cycle of sin/ repentance/ forgiveness, the antiquated concept of helpless creatures of an all-powerful Creator seated unmoving in the heavens… all these have lost their use.

I wrote this for you about a week ago in a post titled “How I’m a Christian and an Atheist At Once”:

As a Christian, I could impute supernatural meaning to it:

  1. There is the Mystery (That which we call “God”).
  2. There is the Revelation of the Mystery (Jesus).
  3. There is the Assimilation of the Revelation of the Mystery into the human collective (Spirit).

As an Atheist, I could completely strip this theory of the supernatural:

  1. The Unknown.
  2. Our Discovery of the Unknown.
  3. The Assimilation of our Discovery of the Unknown into the human collective.

I also said that these two are no different to me.

I want to percolate this idea down into something more practical, everyday and common:

  1. A boy has an idea of the girl he wants to fall in love with.
  2. This girl walks into his life.
  3. He falls in love with her and completely devotes his life to her.

A Christian could say, “This is the spirit of Jesus!” An atheists could say, “This is true love!” A Buddhist could say, “This is the Buddha nature!”

They perceive the same thing and are saying the same thing but in different ways.