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When we decide to be spiritually independent and free, at the same time we are deciding to take risks. When we refuse to meet up to other peoples’ expectations for us, then we have to count the costs.

One of the risks, one of the costs, is how being independent can affect our relationships. To say to yourself, “I will be self-determining” is to say, “You have to accept me as I am. If you don’t, that’s your problem, not mine.” It’s called independence rather than codependence. It doesn’t mean you can’t have relationships. It just means they are more authentic, genuine, and take some hard work. Some people can handle that. Some can’t.

This Sunday we are having a Potluck at 1pm EST. I know it’s Mother’s Day, but we’re going ahead with it. I’m interviewing two of The Lasting Supper’s young women, Rachel and Happy, who are going to talk about this very issue… relationships. Happy will share first, then Rachel. I’m not opening up the Potluck for others to be on the panel this time, but you can stream it on Youtube while it’s happening, or watch it there later. You can also type in questions as we’re talking. I’m sure you’ll have some to ask.

Oh! Rachel is an awesome professional musician and is going to sing a song for us.

Sign up for the Potluck, Spirituality and Love.