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il_570xN.424358709_60ueA little while ago in our secret Facebook group a discussion centered around what our spirit animals were. I had taken a test on this last year after Lisa, who is part Choctaw Indian, had visited an Aboriginal couple near here who had provided her with tons of helpful insights.

When I did the test, I discovered my spirit animal is the Crow. I took another short test today and my spirit animal, the Crow, came up again. But this time I was also close to the Hawk. What’s interesting to me is that I’ve done many paintings with crows. They are all around here and they intrigue me. They also make great subjects for my paintings. The picture here is one of my watercolors with crows. You can see it in my gallery.

I believe that any resource that helps us understand and appreciate ourselves better is valuable. Including a test to discover your spirit animal!