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I’ve read that the ancient Buddhists had an interesting meditation practice. They would find a human corpse and meditate before it in order to perceive the meaning of life, to become aware of the endless cycle of suffering, to overcome their fear of death, and to inspire humility.

Kind of brutal. But perhaps effective.

The film The Lion King has its own way of communicating this idea in the song, “The Circle of Life”. Of course, ironically, it’s the lions who sing it. With joy! They’re at the top of the food chain. The circle of life works in their favor.

Without needing to find a human corpse, here’s some questions that might give us insights:

  1. What assists you in detecting any kind of meaning in your life?
  2. What teaches you about the reality of suffering?
  3. What would help you overcome your fear of death?
  4. What experienced has humbled you in a good way?