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I think what really started me on my road to deconstruction was two things:

  1. The Church: The way I was treated at church when I tried to be myself and ask honest questions caused me to realize that the church is a controlling institution and that I would have to continually fight tooth and nail to find and be myself.
  2. The Bible: When I read a certain book, “The Silence of Jesus” by James Beech, I realized that the bible was not what I had been taught. It was not infallible, but a beautifully fallible collection of documents written by men immersed in the culture of their time trying to understand the intersection between the Sacred and Secular. This was the Jenga block upon which all of my belief was built.

The church was a social deconstruction that continues to manifest itself in me trying to perceive and live the unity of all living beings. The bible was an intellectual deconstruction that continues to manifest itself in my hunger and thirst for what is True.

What was your final Jenga block?