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I have a funny story.

After we left the ministry and the church in the spring of 2010, we pretty much lost contact with all of the congregation and lost many friends in one fell swoop.

A year or so went by and one couple expressed interest in seeing us. So we invited them over for an evening. We had a late meal. When we sat down to eat, Lisa said, “Let’s give thanks!” The couple looked at us in shock and said, “You still do that?”

Yes, we sometimes do. Because I’ve been asked about prayer, I will tell you what I sometimes do when I say grace. Sometimes when Lisa and I and whoever is with us sit down for a meal, we will hold hands and give thanks. I never if ever use the word God or Father or Lord. Most often, when I give thanks, I say something like this:

“We are thankful for this food and all that we have. We are thankful for our children. We are thankful for our friends. We desire that all be blessed. Amen.”

Something like that. I say this because I am thankful. I don’t want to take anything for granted. Am I praying to an old bearded man in the sky? No, but often I feel I am giving thanks to All-That-Is that is compassionate in nature. I like to stop now and then and consciously and intentionally speak positive, affirming and grateful words into the world. Meals provide that opportunity a few times a day.

It helps me remember to participate in and cooperate with the Good, the Compassionate, the Just, and the Real. These moments are me realigning myself and getting in sync with the All-in-all.