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You look at your spouse and say, “I don’t know you anymore. You’ve changed.” Your spouse looks back at you and says, “Actually, I think you’re the one who has changed.”

I’m going through another major spiritual shift right now. It’s not fun, but necessary. This is how I grow. In explosive spurts.

As I was standing outside yesterday trying to process stuff, I let out a sigh, “Oh, God!” Immediately I wondered who I said that to. This “God” has changed. But immediately I hear inside my own head, “Actually, you’re the one who has changed.”

I’m at that stage again where I have to toss my old dictionary. It just doesn’t work anymore. So I’m in between losing the old definitions and waiting for new ones. But I also want to be careful not to grab just any new ones in a panic. I’m trying to teach myself to rest in this ambiguity, this confusion, this season without words. This murky river I’m floating down is taking me somewhere I’ve not yet seen and not yet been. I trust it is a good place.

I know many of you are in this same situation. Have you read “I Always Wondered What It Would Be Like To Live Without You”? The in-between times.

By the way… 2 things:

  1. We had a Potluck Hangout last night… no agenda… just a bunch of us hanging out. It worked! It was a great time of just… well… hanging out! We talked about everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. We’ll do another one again soon and we’ll record it so that if there’s not enough room in the actual live hangout you can watch it live or later. Thanks my friends for your friendship!
  2. Some of our members would like to have a “secret group” on Facebook strictly for members of TLS to use as a venue for just chatting about daily spontaneous stuff… another tool to facilitate community. No one else can see the group or the members or the content. Top secret! This might not be for everybody, but for those who want this kind of connectivity it might be just the thing that will help provide it. If you’re interested, just let me know and we’ll get you invited to the group.)

Much love my friends!