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I’ve never been much of a team sports player. I prefer things like hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, long distance running… the kind of sports that you usually do alone. At least I do. Or maybe with one or two buddies. No… with me it’s alone. Like when I ran the half-marathon on my birthday. Totally alone. Loved it.

And that’s okay. There are some people who try to talk me into big hunting parties or fishing trips or huge marathons, but there’s something within me that strongly resists these things.

It’s just my style. That’s how I roll. It’s the same with my spirituality. Most of the time I just happy doing it alone. But there are times when I need to connect. Right now I do it by checking into TLS. I’m also wondering how I can do this locally. I haven’t figured that out yet. But I’m in no hurry. It will work out.

What kind of sports do you prefer? Team or loner? Maybe both?

Does it relate to your style of spirituality?