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I find it as difficult to believe that the origins of life and the universe came about via the understandings of a reductionist/materialist pov as I do that there must be one specific notion of deity of some kind to which all owe their existence and ultimate provision for it. It doesn’t help me in the least to accept a combination of the two, either. Both (the origin of life and the existence and nature of a possible deity) seem to me to be very complex and elusive mysteries which many have purported to have found out “the answer” to, whether it be through one’s religious views and/or reductionist/materialist views. Sure, we will all end up believing what we will as far as each of us is capable of doing, and I take zero issue in the practice of doing so. I mean, what else are we supposed to do given the situation we find ourselves in? While there may be historical and/or empirical facts upon which we may rely in both areas mentioned above (depending upon one’s either intended or unintended room with a view), I cannot bring myself to accept that any account which purports to know for sure how things really are in themselves (including the combining of religion and evolution) is very reliable at all. Just so you know, this is the guy who questions everything and finds little acceptance with either individuals and especially communities which happen to have finally “figured out” the way things truly are, positing some version of a theory of everything for all to accept as being true because it is. Thoughts?