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alrene“TLS offers me inclusion, community, family, and friends when I’ve been excluded by the church, my biological family, and church friends due to a change in my beliefs. I love TLS! I’ve learned a lot from the members, and they’ve challenged me.” (Arlene P.)
caryn“If you wish to be a leader, or elder, or pastor among us – do not come. We are a community of voices. If you wish to provide argumentation of doctrine, evangelization of religion, and refutation of atheism – do not come. We share our own personal experiences in similar situations; we share the philosophy that helped us – whether atheism, belief, or agnosticism. We are comfortable with questions, advocates of journeys, and encouragers of each other. By the way, this is the Emerging Church. Think about it.” (Caryn L.)


“TLS is amazing. To be able to be, whoever you are in the moment, is truly special. From church, to faith, to personal issues – this is an example of a real community, without judgment or expectation.” (Chris M.)


“I love that this is a place where it’s ok to say “some days I hate being a parent” in the same room where others say “I’d give anything to be a parent.” Where one can say “we made it to 20 years” while another is saying “my marriage is gone.” Where one can say “I found god again” to someone who says “I feel more free and at home in atheism than I ever did in Christianity. It’s a gift. It’s special. And it’s a place of love. What is love? It’s this. It’s caring despite differences. It’s choosing to see what we have in common instead of what divides us.” (Emily R.)


“This is where I come to ‘let my hair down.’ I dont have to worry about which mask is most appropriate, or if there’s a phone booth to quickly dress into my SuperChristian suit. I can just ‘be.’ I wish I could take this environment with me, to show it to others.” (Jeni L.)


“I have found TLS to be a special place, a safe place. It can be heartbreaking to read the things that people have faced and continue to face from their faith communities but it is equally inspiring to watch people break free of unhealthy connections and awaken to their own freedom. I am so happy I found this community! That is what it truly is a community of supportive, caring people who will listen to you vent and just smile. Thank you David and TLS for letting me call this home!” (Jim R.)


“The Lasting Supper is one of the few spaces in my life where I feel it is safe to be myself. I can say what I’m really thinking without fear of judgment and even feel understood and validated. For someone who has always struggled to feel like they belong somewhere, TLS is a family where every member works hard to accept one another imperfections and all. I am so thankful to be part of it.” (Julie-Anne M.)


“TLS is a place to seek community without having to sacrifice your individuality.” (Kristie H.)

person2“If you want to know what it’s like to be around the biggest hearted people on the planet… discuss issues of life and death with wicked smart people, if you seek a place to vent without judgement… a safe place to heal up and ask tough questions, if you seek a place to share your deepest sorrows or greatest joys, if you need a friend or a few hundred of them, heck if you need a little LOVE then you should join TLS, because love is here in abundance. And how many places can you say that about? When I joined TLS I was just looking for a few people to have some interesting discussions with. I got that, but I also got accepted into an incredible family. I love them like crazy, and the cool thing is I know without a doubt they love me like crazy too.” (Anthony G.)


“As a gay man who has battled with religion and identity all his life, TLS is a very safe place, where I can totally be myself without fear of judgment. Its great to be part of something where we can support each other as well as vent all the crap!” (Jim M.)


“TLS is where I go to just be myself among others. My spiritual walk is increasingly becoming the story of being a complex person in a complex world. I am with friends and family, here. I am confirmed as a living, thinking, learning being. The longer I participate, the more I appreciate about the art of being alive. ” (Ren B.)


“My Bestie and I were talking about y’all last night. We love you all and we are both so glad to have this haven to be ourselves and explore our spirituality and other issues together. So thank you David for creating this safe, sacred space, and thank you to the rest of you for being the community we’ve needed for a long time.” (Sharon Z.)


“TLS is a safe and supportive spot for me, a place where I can question my beliefs and discover that there are others who wonder too.” (Sue R.)


“My heart has found a second home. Somewhere I’m safe, accepted and encouraged, no matter where I’m at in my journey, or how many questions I have. I am inspired by the transparency and mutual respect of the members. It is rare. It is beautiful. It is (be)coming home.” (Teena B.)