Revisit “The 5 Stages of Deconstruction”

This is a video I made over 3 years ago specifically for TLS, but a year ago or so I opened it up for others to view. It’s not viral or anything, but on about a weekly basis I hear from someone who has really benefited from it. So I thought I would share it again with...
Online Sermons

Online Sermons

Can God Be Personal Without Being a Person A few months ago I stumbled across St Andrew’s in Austin’s Vimeo channel. So far, this is the best batch of sermon videos that I’ve seen. Just thought I’d share.

Video: Noticing Our Responses

PLEASE DON’T SHARE! This is for TLS members ONLY! Here’s a video version of my Lap Letter about how important it is to notice our responses without judgment. Under 15 minutes. Enjoy!