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The Lasting Supper is an online community that I launched in 2012.

I’m David Hayward. I’m Canadian, raised in a Christian home, went to churches in all kinds of denominations, eventually became Baptist and then Pentecostal. It was at a Pentecostal Bible College, Central Bible College, where I met my American wife Lisa. We were married in 1980, and have three grown children. I received my Masters in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, then a Diploma in Ministry from Presbyterian College at McGill University. I was ordained into the ministry in the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 1986. I served that church until 1995. We left, and finally found a home in the Vineyard Church. I became the pastor of Rothesay Vineyard in 1996. After realizing that I and that church were no longer compatible, I left the ministry in 2010. Since then I have done odd jobs, including teaching English as a second language at a University. But in 2012 I launched The Lasting Supper.

Why did I launch TLS?

Very simply: to provide community and support not only for myself but for people like me. Over the two-plus years I’ve been facilitating TLS, I’ve made an important observation: the best prescription for people going through any kind of a struggle is to provide them with time and space to heal themselves, and to offer a supportive community. That’s TLS! I’m still an advocate of one-on-one coaching or counseling, but the fastest way to feel healthy again is through active involvement in a supportive community.

What is The Lasting Supper?

  • The Lasting Supper is here to provide a safe community where you can be authentic.
  • The Lasting Supper provides a space where you can question, change, or even lose your beliefs.
  • The Lasting Supper is for people who want to be spiritually independent and free.
  • The Lasting Supper values transparency and honesty.
  • The Lasting Supper has a deep respect for the opinions and beliefs of every member.
  • The Lasting Supper is also about providing resources, but our greatest asset is our community!
  • The Lasting Supper just might be the best community experience you’ve ever had! 

This is what The Lasting Supper community looks like:

At this point there are over 400 members from all around the world ranging in age from teenagers to adults of all ages. Most are either struggling to stay in the church, including those in ministry, or they are learning how to live their lives outside of it in healthy, happy, and meaningful ways. But no matter where you are on the belief spectrum, whether you believe or doubt or don’t, we show mutual respect for our individual paths. I can confidently claim that so far it’s been a great success.

Read our Manifesto!

We have a page of Values and Principles.

Members have Rights and Responsibilities.

If you don’t believe me, or if you can’t believe TLS can be this good, just read our Testimonial page full of awesome remarks from our members, plus pics of some of our members.